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11/04/11 09:19 PM #1    

Vince O'Brien

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Per the discussion below, I updated the names associated with the kindergarden picture using Dennis's mom's notes.  We are fortunate that his mom accuartely predicted I would lose my memory and facility with names at an early age.  There is still one unidentifed person in the far right of the first row. 

04/23/12 09:25 PM #2    

Maureen Sampson (Nodruff)

I'd like to offer some identification for two of the so far unidentified little Kindergartners in Mrs. Mueller's class.  I think that is my old friend Vicky Davis between Bob Truitt and Patty Brady.  Then that is my old boyfriend Bill Bradshaw (LaBounty's grandson) from Mt. Prospect between Gary Alver and Susan Bell. My brother and I and Bill and his sister B-ANN were tight friends every summer until college.   Someplace there should be a girl named Cyrus =last name.  Her first name might have been Andy.  I think the da d was a musician.   Do any of you remember a sweet little first grader named Ronnie Romine--think he had a crutch.  Also a little first grader that Miss Banner used to torture, Billy Menard?  I am missing from the picture for one of two possible reasons:  I was still at Camille Giffens Kindergarten or I was out with Chicken pox.

04/26/12 04:21 PM #3    

Maureen Sampson (Nodruff)

Carolynn Carmichael may be the girl right beside Judy Davis in the back row.  And Dianne Nimz could be at the right end of the front row.  Where is Paul Koonce?  As I ruminate on the names, I think the girl I'm remembering is Janie Cyrus not Andy.  I remember visiting her in an upstairs apt. near the Catholic Church.  And Vicky Davis and I kept in touch for awhile, but last time I heard from her was in high school.  Bill Bradshaw got in touch with my Mom a couple years ago and is in hotel management in Missouri or Kansas. 

05/01/12 03:02 PM #4    

Lynn Dee Williams (Crouch)

On the kindergarden picture. Janie Cyrus and family at one time lived across the street - Mulberry- from my family. Her dad was in a band. The last time I saw Janie was at her mothers funeral maybe early 1980's. Her sister Andy was there as well. I know Andy was suffering with brain cancer and passed away a few years later.

At that time I think they lived in South Carolina.


08/22/12 06:44 PM #5    

Maureen Sampson (Nodruff)

To Webmaster Vince, Party Central Ron, and Money Man Rich:

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Class of 1962 WCHS to thank all of you for the great job you have done organizing our reunion.  You have worked long and hard to put together a wonderful time for us all.  Know that your efforts are much appreciated.  Thank you. 



09/27/12 07:27 PM #6    

Vince O'Brien

Here's what I recall of Ronnie Romine some of which is probably wrong.  Ronnie's dad drove a dump truck and picked up the garbage.  Apparently, Ronnie fell out of the truck and his leg was run over.  As a reult he lost it.  Among the boys, Ronnie had a reputation for being tough and mean.  He was reputed to be the best fighter in Watseka.  His forte was using his crutch to pummel his opponent while he hobbled on one leg.  I personally witnessed him incapacitate Bob Truitt on the school playground.  Ronnie topped it all off by dragging (using just his one leg) Bob from base to base around the diamond!  Needless to say, I gave Ronnie a wide berth after that.

I believe Ronnie was older than us.  He was almost 16 and in the eigth grade with our class.  He used to sit in the back of Mr. McMorris's class and smoke cigarettes.  He was just bidding his time until he was 16 and dropped out of school after that.

The last I heard of Ronnie was in a report in the paper that McBroom's Lumber had been broken into via a skylight and several guns taken.  It had snowed that day and the police noticed tracks - first a footprint.  Then a crutchprint, then a footprint, then a crutchprint, etc.  Ronnie was quickly apprehended....

04/26/13 09:39 AM #7    

Sue Freidinger (Falzone)

Am just looking at this for lst time.  Vince was good enough to allow me to be on your web -site as a guest.  I and others are planning our 50th which we will have over Homecoming Week-end in Sept.

About the Kindergarten picture.  The girl in the back that you have as Beverly Alver is me.  I was in that class.  I take it as a compliment to be thought to be Beverly! ( Where is she, does anyone know?)

Sue Freidinger Falzone

04/26/13 09:18 PM #8    


Susan Smith (Walker)

In response to Sue Ann's question as to where Beverly Alver is living, she is in Gilbert, AZ, and married to Bob Stubbs from Bourbonnais. It is so interesting how Beverly and I reconnected. I live in Gainesville, FL, and I have known a couple in our church for several years. They are Roger and Beth Haines, both from Bourbonnais. Their son, Ben, married the daughter of one of my dear friends. Beth Haine's brother, Bob Stubbs, is married to Beverly Alver! When Ben was married about three years ago, Bob and Beverly came to Gainesville for the wedding and we were able to visit. She is still a beautiful woman. I also found out that Roger Haines had dated Sally Snyder, the younger sister of Sandy Snyder, who used to live in Watseka and later moved to Bourbannais. I do know that Beverly has been struggling with cancer. She also has a new granddaughter! It's a small world!

06/25/14 12:04 PM #9    

Dennis Roberts

Ran across my mother's photo of our kindergarten class.  She wrote the names of everyone on the back.  Front Row, left to right: Mary Kay Duff; Vince O'Brien, Judy Gagnon, Johnny Elson, Alan Benjamin, Sarah Kunkel, Vaughn Walker, Elizabeth Wood, Judy Wilson, Mrs. Moeller; Second Row; Sandra Cvitt, Susan Cavitt, Martha Laswon, Dennis Roberts, Charles Trumble, Bob Truitt, Vickie Jo Davis, Patty Brady, Susan Bell, Billy Bradshaw, Gary Alver; Last Row; Brian Howland, Steven Sharlock, Warren Caress, Carolyn Carmichael, Judy Davis, Sue Ann Feidinger, Bob Alver, David Oram Quentin Allhands.

I just wanted to ask Martha why you looked so grim.  It couldn't have been something I said, could it?


Hope this sheds some light on the missing names.

01/23/18 04:54 PM #10    

Don Gillfillan

Don Gillfillan '63- I know I am butting in but VO gave me permission to sign up as a guest. Blame it all on Sue Falzone (Freidinger). She put me on to this. Anyway, Vince was kind enough to post on the web site the plan Sue and I devised (along with 5 others from the class of 63). This is the year of our 55th. Wow, time flies! Seems like only 55 years ago when we were getting ready to graduate. Since we are all approaching the geriatric age we thought y'all might want to join in to celebrate 1 more high school reunion. Our desire is to have 50+ at the little party so we decided to invite the class of 62 and 64 to join us. When you are talking over 50 years what's a year or 2 one way or the other anyway? So we have the Watseka Theater lined up for the dinner on the evening of September 14th. I also have a promise the owner would love to give us a tour of our old haunt from years gone by. You may still find your name carved in the back row of the balcony seats. More info will be coming, but as we approach the date we may need some help from the class of 62 and 64. Anyone in the Watseka area, or interested in helping set this up, please let me know. Jan and I live in Watseka during the summer months, but snowbird to Arizona all winter. We will be back home in late April. Please let me know if you are interested in helping in some way. I will check the site periodically. We are open to any other ideas for that night or on the weekend or the day prior.

Until Then,

Don Gillfillan 

08/14/18 07:01 AM #11    

Don Gillfillan

We are still accepting reservations for our reunion on September 14th (class of 62, 63, and 64). We have cleared the 20 mark and I expect to be at 35 by the 14th. We extended the reservation date to Spetember 1st from August 15th. We felt we needed at least 20 to make it worth while. Once we cleared the minimum we could extend the deadline date. Hope some of you will consider coming and encourage others to join you.

Don Gillfillan, class of 63

06/09/23 12:16 AM #12    

Sue Freidinger (Falzone)

Hello members of WCHS class of '62.  I appreciate Vince contacting you all about plans that Don Gillfillan,  Sarah Kunkel Ferrero, and I  (class of '63) are making plans to celebrate our 60th HS reunion as well as  to include other classes.  I will be sending out all the information with an attached form to register in the next few days.  Right now,  I'd like to make a correction:  my e-mail address is  Please feel free to contact me with any questions once you've received our "Invite".  We would love to see and "catch up" with our upper-classmen friends!!!

06/14/23 08:34 PM #13    

Sue Freidinger (Falzone)

TO THE CLASSES OF 1961, 1962, 1963 ( our 60th ), &1964


Don Gillfillan, Sue (Freidinger) Falzone, and Sarah (Kunkel) Ferrero have formed a committee to invite the class of ’63 to return to Watseka for the WCHS Homecoming Weekend which is the last weekend of September 2023 (September 28 - Oct. 1).  We agreed that it would be fun to include other classes and hopefully create a nice sized group.


Beginning on Thursday, September 28, 2023 we will have dinner at The Old Colonial Inn in downtown Kentland, Indiana which is 13 miles from Watseka.  Festivities will begin at 5:30 pm with a social hour ( open cash bar ) and lots of “catch up” chatter.  Dinner will be served sometime between 6 and 6:30.  Each person attending ( see registration form) will need to choose from one of the below:


     English Cut Prime Rib at $35.00

     Salmon at $32.00

     Walleyed Pike at $30.00


All prices are per person and include a 20% tip.  The meal includes a baked potato and tossed salad.  The cost of the meal must be prepaid.  See attached reservation form for details.


On Friday evening, September 29th, we will gather at the Watseka Elks Club between 5 and 5:30 pm with dinner at 6 or 6:30.  The meal will be catered by the Copperpot Coffeehouse and will include pulled-chicken sandwiches, pulled-pork sandwiches, and a variety of salads.  The cost for this evening will be $30.00 per person which includes the rental of the room and the meal.  A cash bar will be available throughout the evening.  We will have time after the meal for class presentations such as memories, etc., limited to 15 minutes per class.  After that our room will be open to anyone you may wish to invite to join us for the rest of the evening.


These two functions are the only group activities we have planned.  We invite all to gather with friends as they choose.  Shewami Golf Club is open for play ( tee times required).  You may remember The Topper on the North side of Watseka:  John Martin, Jr. has remodeled the old haunt with the original neon sign shining like new! The fully remodeled “watering hole” has recaptured the friendly atmosphere of years gone by.  Last year’s reunions found it a great place to land after all other events were closed down.


We are aware that the WCHS Alumni Association is working on having their annual banquet on Saturday night, the 30th.  This is a good option not only to have dinner but also to see other classes that may be in town.  This event is TOTALLY SEPARATE from our activities, but we do encourage attending this banquet.  Invitations to the Association’s banquet will be done in a separate e-mail or mailing which will have pricing information.  Again, our committee is totally separate from the Association Event.


———————————————————————————————————————( CUT ALONG THIS LINE)


REGISTRATION FOR EVENTS ON Thursday, Sept. 28   and  Friday,  the 29th

(Note:  this registration is for both events, but you may participate in either one or both)


1-Thursday, the 28th at Old Colonial Inn:


_____________________      ___________________   $___________       $______________



  (Name)                                   (meal choice)               (price)                  (total/person)


_____________________      ___________________    $___________       $_______________   


  (Name)                                    (meal choice)              (price)                   (total/person)


                                                                                                            Total for the 28th


2-Friday, the 29th at Watseka Elks Club:



_____________________        $30.00 per person         $ _____________

  (Name)                                                                            1 person    


_____________________         $30.00 per person.        $_____________

  (Name).                                                                            1 person




                                                                                       Total for the 29th     




                                                                                        Grand Total for 1 & 2


Please mail this registration form and total cost of event (s) to:  Don Gillfillan,  465 East Elm St., Watseka, Illinois 60970 on or before July 31, 2023. ( Deadline date for assurance of availability). Question(s):  call Don at 815-238-0984 or e-mail at



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