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Gary Alver

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06/10/23 07:31 PM #1    

Richard "Dick" Oakley

This is a REAL TOUGH ONE... BEST FRIEND FROM 1955- JUNE 08,2023.. MY BEST BUDDY ALWAYS- GARY .. FROM a GREAT SHARED LITTLE LEAGUE EXPERIENCE in 1956 TO HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL in 1962.. ALWAYS BY MY SIDE... JOINED " AT THE HIP"...We LOVED each other as BROTHERS WOULD !! Off to college..U of I in '62.. Then I transfered to ARIZONA STATE ..I needed my sidekick.. Told him about the WEST.... the PRETTY GIRLS and the orange trees on the campus and the GREAT weather !! Possibly my introduction to how to PRESENT AND CLOSE  a sale ( a skill I honed and became pretty good at over the following years ).. Not only did my buddy transfer to ASU, he joined the fraternity I had joined a year earlier..He became an ARIZONA BELIEVER AND CONVINCED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY TO MOVE TO THE VALLEY OF THE SUN...AFTERALL... THEY LIVED IN THE PLATEAU OF THE CLOUDS...LIFE WAS GREAT..and filled with terrific times..ALL most certainly embedded in our LONG LASTING MEMORIES ...Gary MOST CERTAINLY KNEW THE LORD...At an early age he was MOST PROUD of all those yearly awards for perfect attendance from the Methodist Church...We shared BIBLE verses years later..I felt so inferior back then as GOD had not made HIMSELF REAL TO ME  YET... but HE WOULD AND DEFINITELY DID...  possibly it was that small seed MY BUDDY had planted in 1957 with his PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS ...WHO KNOWS? I do know this..."ARIZONA AL"( his beloved nickname).. YOU WERE and ALWAYS WILL BE MY BROTHER.. I will miss you and we WILL meet again.. OAK


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